Greens to Grits- A New Feature at Atlanta Mom

18 Oct

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We are really excited to introduce a new feature at Atlanta Mom!  In “Greens to Grits” we’ll visit and review Atlanta area restaurants and share our honest reflections with you.  Like our feature, “Georgia Gems”, we promise that “Greens to Grits” will offer unique insights into locations in Georgia that may be little-known, even to the locals.

For our premier Greens to Grits post, we’ll be sharing about our experience at 57th Fighter Group restaurant, which is located directly beside Atlanta’s Peachtree Dekalb Airport- also what we would call a Georgia Gem.  We live really close to the Dekalb Peachtree Airport, also known as PDK.  One of our favorite events of the year in Atlanta is the annual Good Neighbor Day Open House& Airshow, which was help in 2012 on Saturday, May 12th at PDK.

While the 57th was to quite as kid-friendly as The Downwind guarantees to be (it’s way more casual and the view of the planes and proximity to the playground is better), the 57th is still a restaurant that would be fine for the entire family.  In our case, my husband had a day off for the Jewish holiday when all of both of our kids actually had school, so we had a rare opportunity to do a little shopping (oh, the glamour of Lowes), followed by a lunch.

While my hubby decides where to go more on a whim, I tend to be driven by my tastebuds and also by whether there’s a coupon or deal available.  In this case, I checked my Scoutmob app, using the compass and the 57th came up.  I wish I could say it was as easy to convince my husband to go there as announcing the $20 off, but alas, I’ve married a picky man.  So, once we confirmed that the restaurant had an acceptable Zagat rating, he finally got on board.

We were surprised by the cool decor, inside and out.  I won’t describe it much because you’ll see for yourself in the above slideshow.  We were also surprised by the pleasant atmosphere both inside and out.  You could tell from the dance floor and the set-up in one of the rooms that it is a popular location for events like smaller weddings or class reunions.  However, this did not detract at all from it’s charm.

We settled at a simple but comfortable table outside, ordered a beer (it was our day off!) and enjoyed the constant flow of private jets that passed right by us as they prepared for take-off.  The menu was vast and the specials sounded terrific.  We tried a little of everything.  The beer cheese soup I had was delish (confession it was topped with bacon, so I might be slightly biased about that) and my reuben was huge and tasty.  My hubby tried the soup du jour and the sandwich special which was oozing with cheese and he said was also very enjoyable.  Overall, it was a pleasant experience and I would recommend checking it out, especially if you can find a discount!

Our next post for Greens to Grits will take you somewhere that I can almost guarantee you’ve never even heard of…a best kept secret for sure.  I’ll give you a hint- gumbo is a prominent menu item.  In the meantime, if you would like to learn more about a particular restaurant or weigh in on an Atlanta dining experience, please let me know by emailing atlantamom930 (@)

Bless your heart ;-),


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