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Introducing A Sugar-Free Diet To Your Kids

28 Jul

How to…
Introduce A Sugar-Free Diet To Your Kids

As a new school year is upon us, with birthday parties, sports, classroom celebrations and lunches to pack on my mind, I’d like to make a move more/junk less shift in my family.  So, what better way to kick off a “How to” series on the blog than to talk about decreasing or eliminating the sugar in your child’s diet?

We all want our kids to be healthy and happy. Somehow we have gotten confused and we think they have to have every indulgence to be happy, and their health is suffering because of it. Sugar consumption leads to obesity in children. It has a direct effect on their blood, organs, skin, and brain chemicals. The constant sugar rush followed by the inevitable crash interrupts their play time, sleep schedules, and other activities like sports, dance, and study.

As American parents have become more aware of the effects sugar has on their own bodies, they are concerned about the effects it has on a young, developing child. The only way to know how sugar truly affects the way we feel, function, look, and rest is to eliminate sugar for a period of time and see the difference. Challenge yourself to take your family on a sugar-free journey.

Getting started

The beginning of your quest will consist of sugar hunting. If your children are old enough start pulling contents out of the pantry, refrigerator, and freezer as a family adventure. Teach the children how to identify sugar and the code words like fructose and glucose (among many others) that mean the same thing. Make a game out of sugar hunting. The younger the children are, the better. However, this is something everyone can do.

Make it tasty not sugary

This may seem challenging at first. But this is your opportunity to learn how to combine natural foods to get a sweetness that satisfies.


Have fresh veggies available with fat-free dip. Make snacks from peanut butter, fruit, and whole grains. The internet is full of tasty recipes that you can make in child size bites that are cute and fun.

Do not expose the kids to sugar. If you are on a sugar-free diet, avoid places that have displays of sugary goodies. While at the supermarket, avoid the bakery aisle, which is almost always in front of the fresh fruit and vegetable aisle.

Let your children help you bake their own treats. A child will always like a treat more that they helped make. Make fruit smoothies at home with real fruit and no sugar when they want a decadent treat.

Treat them another way

Put your kid in gymnastics or dance. When they do well, instead of taking them out for ice cream let them choose a special dance costume at Just For Kix. Let them choose the movie for family night or take them to the waterpark to celebrate. Teach your child to celebrate without food and sugar.

Your quest

During your sugar-free quest, make notes of the changes you see and feel. You may feel bad for the first few days when your body is trying to get the sugar fix it is used to. Soon you will feel your energy levels rise and you will notice glowing skin and clearer eyes. At the end of your quest, you may choose to keep the sugar-free lifestyle based on the positive influences the changes will have had on your life. This is something that your children will be grateful for even when they are grown up and become parents themselves.

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