Back to School Advice From Renowned Parenting Expert Eirene Heidelberger

31 Jul

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Eirene Heidelberger is a certified parent coach and the President & CEO of GIT Mom, a full service parent coaching firm dedicated to helping Moms “Get It Together!”. GIT Mom is the only parenting company in the country that puts moms needs center stage –  as happy momma means happy kiddos! Here are Eirene’s 4 top tips to help you keep your cool going back to school:

Prioritize Sleep

Start moving your kids bedtimes back 15 minutes every 3 days to get to the bedtime that allows them at least 10 hours of sleep a night. Then rouse your child at least 15 minutes before you need him to function, and give him his own “Me Time.”  This is the most important part of school mornings because the more awake he is the more cooperative he will be.


Communication Is Key

Start casually talking about going back to school and what you expect from your kids to get them mentally prepared. All of us parents are psyched it’s here, but, for our kids it can be gloom and doom so talk about the positives, like seeing friends every day and new fall activities. Talk about what happens at school, many schools offer a meet the teacher day before school begins so go with your child so she can see her classroom, maybe even decorate her locker and help her take ownership over her first day of school jitters.


The Clock Waits For No One! Create A Strong Morning Routine

Determine with your children what is a doable morning schedule to accomplish in order to successfully leave for school on time. First, start with the time you absolutely must exit your house, then add 5 minutes on to it because nobody can achieve their goal every day. Then start counting backwards with everything the family needs to accomplish. A sample schedule is:

8:00 exit

7:45 Brush teeth

7:30 clear breakfast table

7:00 breakfast

6:45 get dressed

6:30 wake kids

Be honest and realistic on your timing because running late is the gateway to yelling at your children.


Plan After-School Activities Carefully

Don’t try to keep up with the Joneses and enroll in every after school activity, pick one day to just be home as a family and don’t get Mommed out.

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