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Introducing “Georgia Gems”, a new feature at Atlanta Mom!

15 Sep

When we moved to Georgia eight and a half years ago, we drove directly from New York to Atlanta with only a brief stop in Charlotte to sleep for about 5 hours.  We arrived in Atlanta at around 11am on a Saturday morning.  Since we were moving into a loft in Midtown, we had no reason to exit I-85 until we reached North Avenue.  Dressed in shorts and a tee shirt on the last weekend of February, we were clearly embracing the warmer weather of the South and we decided to begin our new chapter with an early lunch at The Varsity.

Life took off and we found ourselves spending most of our time in town.  We walked a fair amount and the places we drove to were typically only a few miles away.  We began worshiping at a church that was in Midtown as well, and exactly one mile up the street from our home.  With the excitement of Atlanta, we had little reason to explore OTP.

We moved to a house 13 months later, and while still ITP, our ranch set on nearly half an acre and littered with hundred year old pines, felt more suburban than urban.  Yet, we stuck to our area.  With Target, Whole Foods, and Loehmann’s within a two mile radius I had little reason to put more than 50 miles per week on my car!

Once we had lived in Atlanta for a few years and were settled into our home, we decided that perhaps there was life OTP.  We began furiously searching the internet for activities and towns that would resemble what we had done nearly every weekend in New York- travel to B &B’s and explore small towns within a few hours of the city, visiting historic sites and enjoying theater, restaurants, and musical events on a small scale.  While it’s taken us a little longer to find these opportunities in the South, after living here for nearly a decade, we finally feel pretty well-armed with knowledge about weekend getaways and activities within driving distance from the city.  We couldn’t possibly keep this knowledge to ourselves; so we’ve decided to share it here!

And thus is born “Georgia Gems”.  This new feature will include posts of places that we have actually experienced personally.  Some of the posts might offer a giveaway or deal, and even perhaps eventually feature a sponsor or partner of Atlanta Mom.  However, you can be assured that we won’t write about anything here that we are not actually familiar with ourselves, AND that we will be perfectly honest in our sharing.

I can’t wait to spill the beans about our first “Georgia Gems” feature!  A little known fact about North Georgia is that wines from this region receive more awards than any other outside of California.  You read that right!  Our home state makes what you could say is wine with deliciousness and quality second only to that which is made in CA.  Pretty impressive, in my opinion.

Next week we will be sharing information about North Georgia wineries as our premier Georgia Gems piece.  I hope you’ll be sure to share your thoughts about the post and our state’s wineries, as well as to share the information with your friends.  Cheers!

Bless your heart ;-),


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